Lmao what am I even doing any more

Fickle. Volatile. Capricious. Changeable. Variable. Irregular. Fitful. Okay, so I reverted my blog back again because honestly I missed it and was stressing over it.

I changed because I just didn’t feel like my audience liked what I was posting. But I’ve decided ‘screw that’. I’m going to write about what I love.

So yeah. Sorry about this post. But, I’m back… again… again…

— Athena

>> i went to the middle earth festival! <<

At the end of the summer holidays, we usually go to a folky/music festival in a park in our city, however this year we decided to do something different. Since we had spent a bit more money than usual on our holiday in France, we decided to do something a lot cheaper. Luckily for us though, it turned out to be a thousand times more fun!!

The Middle Earth festival is an annual two-day long festival that is held at Sarehol Mill in Birmingham, England. The event is a celebration of the life and work of fantasy author J R R Tolkien who grew up in Birmingham and the surrounding area. It took place in a field out the back and the whole area was covered in tents and fenced off areas.

The entire day that we went for was jam-packed with medieval fights, falconry displays and more. My personal favourite was when they lined up 40+ small children with foam swords and got them to swarm all over and attack 4 or 5 adults dressed as orcs. It was so funny to watch, but I felt kind of sorry for the orcs.

One of my favourite aspects of the entire festival where that there were loads and loadsImage result for middle earth festival 2018 of people dressed up as orcs, humans and elves. There was also a group of 4 people going around dressed as Saruman, Radagast and the Blue Wizards, which was AWESOME!


My family went with two of my dad’s work friends, who were dressed up as elves (although unfortunately, they hadn’t bought ears ): ). They looked so cool and actually like elves because of the way they held themselves, and because they kind of do already. Next year I definitely want to dress up to and maybe I’ll one-up them and get myself some prosthetic elf ears?? Who knows?

Sorry if this post is rather shorter than usual, but I really needed to post something as I went on a bit of a hiatus. If you live in England, do you plan to go next year?

– Athena x

>> go and follow moltenhearts or else <<

Hey, I’m back with another super short post.

Basically, one of my IRL best friends AKA my main DnD DM now has a blog *woop woop* and this is me telling you to go and check her blog out at:  https://moltenhearts.wordpress.com/ 

She’s a gamer, tabletop nerd and also loves creative writing which you see an awful lot on her blog. It’s fairly new so she only has a few posts up, but that’ll change soon as she’s way better at posting than me (((:

See you guys shortly!

– Athena x

>> some of my favourite ~mainstream~ conspiracy theories <<

Ahhhhh, it’s been like a month since I’ve properly posted! Thanks so much for sticking with me if you have. I have been working on an ~exciting~ project that hopefully I can share with you guys soon :)))))

I wanted to do something a little bit different today so I thought I’d share a few of my few of my favourite conspiracy theories. Just before we start, I’d like to add a warning that none of these should be taken super seriously and I’m not looking to offend anyone. 🙂

  • Princess Diana’s Death: Was it all it seemed?

On the 31st of August 1997, Princess Diana was killed in a car crash. Although many said it was just an accident, a lot of people think that her death was set up by the Royal Family. Before her death, she did seem to have a few eerie premonitions and wrote quite a few startling letters. But was it really an accident? We still don’t know…

  • The Mandela Effect

Okay, this one kind of freaks me out. The Mandela Effect is a phenomenon where a large number of people share a false memory and are convinced they are correct, only to discover that they’re wrong. For example, many people, if asked, will tell you that its “Looney Toons”, however its actually spelt “Looney Tunes” which basically confused the hell out of everyone. Many people link it to a parallel universe theory, but in all honesty, we have no idea why it happens.

  • The Frozen-Tangled-Tarzan Conspiracy

This one’s a lot more light-hearted, but I love Disney so I had to include it. There’s a very believable theory that the worlds of the Frozen, Tangled and Tarzan movies are all intertwined, which results in Anna, Elsa and Tarzan being siblings and Rapunzel being their cousin. I can’t explain it all in this post because there’s just so much to explain, so go and read all about it here if you want more information.

  • The Simpsons Can Predict The Future

I don’t watch the Simpsons at all, but this one is super crazy and creepy. I’ll just let some pictures do the explaining.

The Simpsons are on another level...not only did they predict Trump winning...they even had the electoral map 98% right.  My first TheThings.com article: 15 Times the Simpsons Predicted the Future30 Of The Most Eerily Accurate Times 'The Simpsons' Predicted The Future.15 Times the Simpsons Predicted the Future Lady Gaga Super Bowl Simpsons


  • Marilyn Monroe was murdered

This one, like the first one, is another fairly dark one. Marilyn Monroe was an incredibly famous actress in the 1950s and 60s who was found dead in her home on August 5, 1962. But no one knows exactly how she died. The police said suicide by barbiturates, but many people say different. Why weren’t there any traces of the pills in her stomach? Why would someone who had so many plans for the future kill herself? These questions still remain unanswered to this day.


Well, I hope you enjoyed this post and my *dramatic* return to blogging after my month-long hiatus. See you guys soon hopefully. I promise I’ll try to actually remember to write soon!

— Athena x

>> a quick announcment <<

Hey guys! This is just a quick announcement post to say that I now have an Instagram account for this blog – @athenas_little_corner!

I would appreciate if you guys went and gave it a follow. I will mostly use it to promote posts and make more friends in the blogging community!

Thanks for reading this short post. I’ll be back with a proper post sometime around the weekend. Maybe some DnD, or some conspiracy theories? Who knows?

– Athena


>> the real neat blogger award <<

Hey guys! Eek, I’ve been nominated for another award!

Thanks to Girl Illustrated to for nominating me this time. I suggest that you go and check out her blog because I love it so much. She does amazing drawings and I love her more ‘rant’ style posts as well.

But now onto the tag:


1. Publish this on your blog by answering all the questions.


2. Put up that 👆award logo over that post.

3. Thank the person who nominated you and also thank the person who made this award.

4. Nominate bloggers and ask them your own set of questions.


1. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Snacks, chocolates and candy are obviously food ok. And of course, my first question would be about food😂

I think I found this somewhere on Tumblr, but salad? It sounds kind of weird at first, but you can have so many different things in salads like chicken, nuts, fruit (salads); you can have literally anything!

2. If you could swap lives with anyone, who would it be? The person can be dead, alive or fictional. Go crazy.

Oh jeez. I feel like most of my favourite fictional characters are fairly traumatized, and its so hard to know what’s really going on in real people’s lives. I think I’d maybe swap lives with a student at Hogwarts. Definitely a Ravenclaw though. Maybe Luna Lovegood if I have to be specific.

3. What is the one thing you can never commit to no matter how hard you’ve tried?

Diaries and journals. I think the longest I’ve gone on any journal is about 3 or 4 months? Some people make it look so damn easy and I honestly don’t know how they commit to it for so long!

4. What makes you happy? Well, whatever it is, keep doing it more😊

The things that make me happy are music, being around the people I love most, cats, bookshops, Netflix, cheesecake, thrift stores, my family, and the celebrities and people who inspire me to follow my dreams and watching people talk about the things that they love.

5. If you had the power to stop and change one, and only one, problem in our society/world, what would it be?

I would give everyone a sense of empathy. If everyone could finally understand and empathise with other people’s situations, more people would decide to take more action and more of the world’s problems would hopefully be solved

Aaand that’s the end of the questions. Now for my nominees!





and last but not least!


Now here are my questions:

  1. Which Harry Potter house are you in/do you think you’d be in?
  2. What’s the most current series that you’ve binge-watched?
  3. What’s your favourite book series that you’ve ever read?
  4. Have you ever had any paranormal experiences?
  5. If you would travel back in time to any era, what would it be and what would you do there?

That’s it for this post! Thanks again to Girl Illustrated for nominating me for this tag. I hope I can post again soon. Thanks for reading!

– Athena

>> examples of my bisexuality: pride month pt2 <<

Hey guys! I’m writing this whilst sitting on my own during a free period at school. I feel like a spy because everyone else is doing various homework and I’m sitting on a laptop in the corner. I’ve also got another Google doc tab open that has my actual homework on it to switch to in case anyone comes by and happens to glance at my screen, because the only people in my school who know about this blog are my DnD group, and none of them are in my form.

But I’m honestly not feeling it and with the current inspiration in my head, I thought I’d better start writing. First off, sorry for not posting for 2 or 3 weeks as I not only started school again but couldn’t think of what to post. I finally came up with an idea! A part 2 to my pride month post. (which you can find here)

In this post, I’m basically going to be sharing with you a few examples of why I’m bisexual, in the form of pictures of hot/cute/fit (I don’t usually use the word fit but we’re going to today) fictional characters/couples. Most are going to be based on looks and personality because I’m not thaaat shallow.

Part 1. The Marvel ‘Bit’

Unless you’re completely new to my blog, you’ll know that I’m high-key obsessed with all things Marvel. There are way too many attractive Marvel characters, so they’re having their own section. -pouts- Here are just a few of my favourite:

Related imageImage result for bucky barnesImage result for black widowImage result for peggy carterImage result for captain america


Part 2. The TV Shows ‘Bit’

I don’t watch many tv shows with my family. To be honest, they don’t know about half the ones I’ve watched which I’m not sure is a good thing? I’m currently watching Shadowhunters and attempting to finish season 4 of Sherlock, though that might be a tad bit harder because it isn’t on Netflix, so I can only watch it on our TV. I think there are, again, waaay too many attractive characters for me to list all of them but I’ll give it a go:

Related imageImage result for agent carterImage result for izzy lightwoodImage result for sherlockImage result for archie andrewsImage result for felicity smoak

Image result for barry allenImage result for stranger things nancyRelated image

(haha sorry I had to slip Peggy in again 🙂 )

Part 3. The Movie ‘Bit’

I’ve actually started watching more movies at the moment as my brother is finally allowed to watch 12s in the cinema with us. I also obviously watch a lot at home too, but new releases are great. Obviously, there are too many attractive characters (again) in movies, but here are a few favourites:

Image result for titanic movie leonardo dicaprioImage result for eddie redmayne les misImage result for eponineImage result for tomb raider lara croft 2018Image result for wonder womanImage result for alex riderRelated imageImage result for rey

Okayyy I’m gonna stop now before I get carried away.  Which characters are you most attracted to? Do you think I have a “type”?

I really enjoyed making this post so thanks for reading!

– Athena

>> pride month: my top 5 LGBT+ characters <<

Welcome back to another blog post guys! With Pride month starting today, I felt like it would be appropriate to show some of my bisexual pride. Although LGBT+ characters were often badly represented, or even not represented at all, in the media, recently there has been way more LGBT+ characters emerging in popular shows and movie franchises, which is definitely a step in the right direction! I thought that we should celebrate the beggining of Pride month with a list of a just few of my favourite LGBT+ characters.

5. Deadpool – Pansexual – MCU and Marvel ComicsImage result for deadpool pansexual

Deadpool is undoubtedly one of my favourite non-Avengers Marvel characters. With his constant jokes and his abundance of sarcasm, he is just such an easily likeable person despite his appearance underneath the mask.


4. Bill Potts – Lesbian – ‘Doctor Who’Image result for bill potts lesbian

Bill Potts is the Doctor’s most recent companion and honestly, I think she may be one of my favourite recent ones.



3. Irene Adler – Bisexual – ‘Sherlock’Image result for irene adler

Haha, I honestly shouldn’t have watched this episode of Sherlock as my parents thought that it was inappropriate, and whilst Irene wasn’t my favourite character of the series, she was a pretty interesting character. Plus, she was bisexual and honestly, same girl, same.

2. Dumbledore – Gay – ‘Harry Potter’Image result for dumbledore

I feel like this is a more obvious one, but more obscure one as well. It was actual J. K. Rowling who confirmed this one for her fans, stating that he was, in fact, gay and had had a crush on Grindelwald when they knew each other as teenagers.


1. Loki – Genderfluid & Pansexual – MCU (again, I know) and Marvel ComicsRelated image

After the recent, incredibly traumatizing, events of Infinity War (read about it here), Loki is forever in my heart. In many of the comics, Loki sometimes shapeshifts into a woman and is referred to using female pronouns. Odin also calls him “my child who is both”, so his gender is definitely canonical! And he is also definitely still one of my favourite MCU characters.

Wow, there we go! A fabulous arrangement of LGBT folks for y’all to crush on (well… maybe not number 2). I hope you enjoyed this post, despite the horrible spacing and paragraphing, and Happy Pride month to all my LGBT family.

Who are your favourite LGBT+ characters? Tell me below!

– Athena

>> infinity war [aka prepare my coffin] <<


I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve posted on here. But don’t worry, I’m not dead. It’s just been exams. 


There have been various important developments in my ever so exciting life, but I think Infinity War takes the cake. Well, for the ones I’d post on here anyways.

This movie killed me. I honestly don’t know what else to say? Now ALL of my children are gone, except for Cap! They are literally just dust, blowing away in the winds that swirl all across the universe.

However, after many conversations and a few hours of Internet research, I have a tiny spark of hope that maybe, just maybe, the Russo brothers might spare our broken hearts and revive all my children. 

Unfortunately, I don’t think that Loki is coming back, whose death made me cry in the first 10 minutes of the movie. Someone I know on Instagram “helpfully” pointed out that unless a miracle happened, he was “strangled to the point of a broken trachea”. Thanks for the reassurance…

Anyway, once I got over mourning the deaths of about half the characters, I got around to really thinking about the movie and theorising as to what will happen in Avengers 4 and Infinity Wars 2.

Firstly, I think this movie was amazing. Everything, all the way background from 2008’s Iron Man has been leading up to this. When people first watched Iron Man, I don’t think that they had any idea as too what it, and all the other Marvel movies, would eventually lead too.

Also, I think that successfully integrating this many plotlines and not to mention about 40 characters into a single 2-hour movie must have been a near-impossible task, but of course Marvel could do it!

Unless you’ve either not seen the movie (in that case what are you doing reading this?) or you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that in the post-credits scene we see Nick Fury sending a message to Captain Marvel, just before he disintegrates along with the other 50% of the universe.

I am DEARLY hoping that she will come and rescue and/or resurrect everyone and put everything right, but is that too much to ask for? Who knows?

Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait another year… Thanks, Marvel…

-another massive sigh-

Meanwhile, I guess I’ll just have to re-watch everything from the very beginning! Oh and maybe I’ll get around to watching Agents of Shield?
Oh and reading so much Bucky, Loki and Spiderman fanfic. And maybe some Stucky or Spideypool fan fiction too if I can find anything good (send me recommendations?? 🙏🏻)

Thanks for sticking with me!

– Athena


>> awesome blogger award <<

11 followers in 2 weeks is pretty much a record for me so thanks! Also, wow I’ve been nominated for an award already?

Apollo nominated me for the Awesome Blogger Award a few days ago (even though I have like 1 blog post?) so thanks to her!


The awesome blogger award was originally created by Maggie @dreaming of guatemala . This is an award for the absolutely wonderful writers all across the blogging world. They have beautiful blogs, are kind and lovely, and always find a way to add happiness and laughter to the lives of their readers. that is what truly defines an awesome blogger. ~~~coffeelovingbookoholic

| rules |

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– answer the questions your nominator gave you
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– let your nominees know they’ve been nominated!

| questions |

1) what do you usually doodle on your papers?

Usually just whatever comes to mind. Badly thought out characters, random eyes, spirals… whatever!

2) how do you want to be seen by others?

To be honest, I wish that I was seen as a bit of a badass, but I’m not sure that that is how I really am. So yeah…

3) do you enjoy people watching?

Most of the time, I just do it when I’m bored. I think it’s interesting to watch people go by, and make up stories and backgrounds for them as I am never going to actually meet them.

4) what are your plans for this weekend?

It kind of is the weekend when I’m writing this, so I guess my plan for today is to go to the cinema with a friend to watch Love Simon. The rest of the day? I’m not sure

5) what was your last dream about?

I honestly can’t remember. To be honest, I don’t remember my dreams the majority of the time anyway.

6) if you were a colour, what would it be?

Purple, because I think it symbolises independence, wisdom and creativity. Kinda this shade I think:

7) what wouldn’t you do to help a friend?

Anything that could possibly result in death on either side, like helping them catch some deadly, out of control animal, or doing something stupid like filming on the edge of a ridiculously tall building.

8) do you think your blog is a good representation of who you really are?

I’d hope that it would be in the future? To be honest, with only 2 or 3 posts its kind of hard to tell.

9) what are three songs you connect with right now?

Say Amen (Saturday Night) – P!ATD                                                                                                Audition (Fools Who Dream) – La La Land                                                                                    Florescent Adolescent – Arctic Monkeys

(I spelt the last one without a spell checker be proud of me)                                                                                                                                                                                                                      10) do you consider yourself a romantic?

Yeah, kind of. I guess…

On another note, I’m dead inside. I’ll try and post something about Infinity Wars in a few weeks, seeing as its coming out this Sunday. I’m honestly worried, excited and apprehensive all at once. Is anyone else going to see it? Tell me in the comments

– Athena